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Health Recovery Program

In this modern generation, lifestyle diseases or adult diseases such as hypertension, diabetes, hyper cholesterol, obesity, stroke and cancer are popular health problems.


The Health Recovery Program is a part of lifestyle medicine that focuses on wellbeing, disease prevention and health promotion with life style changes, and supplement as complex fermentation enzyme diet.

Complex Fermentation Enzymes help to remove harmful toxins and activate the body’s own metabolic enzymes, thereby enhancing the body’s natural cleansing, the immune system, and its healing processes.

Complex Fermentation Enzymes are composed of herbal medicinal products, grains, seaweed, mushrooms, bee pollen, oyster shell, and fruits.


With a combination of Complex Fermentation Enzymes and life style changes ( diet, exercise, stress management & etc), our body is able to maintain homeostasis.


Benefits of Health Recovery Program include;

  1. Detoxication

  2. Cleansing & Purifying

  3. Harmonizing: Tuning & Balancing

  4. Recharging

  5. Weight reduction

  6. Rejuvenating; anti-aging & anti-oxygenation

  7. Homeostasis

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